printing to PDF troubles.

I've suddenly had trouble using the Microsoft Print to PDF.pc3 printer with Intellicad. Worked well several weeks ago. Started getting an error message couple days ago & tried to figure it out. Seems now that I've probably corrupted my Microsoft Print to PDF.pc3 file. Is there any way to restore it without doing a complete reinstall?

PDF Out Serious Bug

Even the annotation visibility is on, when you use the PDF out to convert from cad to pdf, the output does not show the objects that are annotated scale. Its like the annotation visibility is off although its on. This is a serious bug as when you are converting your cad files to pdf and ready to submit you do not realize that there are some objects missing.
Although, if you use the regular print to convert, it is fine and also the pdf conversion from regular print.

Whoever is in charge, please make a fix immediately. This is a serious bug or error.
I am using the Intellicad PE plus 11.1 perpetual.