Table formulas disappear in new drawing from template (BUG?)

Created a template (icad.dwt) that contains a table. For sake of discussion, lets say A1 is a quantity to be updated in the table. B1 is a fixed price. C1 is a formula written in the cell as "=A1*B1".

After initially building the table in the dwt file, I tested it and cell C1 appropriately updates as a new total price when Cell A1 number is changed.
Saved template file.
Create new drawing from template.
File opens and I initially see the value sitting in C1 as it should be, but as soon as I change the number in cell A1, the entire contents of C1 disappears.
The formula is gone. Where did it go? I suspect it has something to do with locking or not locking the formatting of the cells, but I can't seem to come up with any solution that lasts as a template that is then used to make a dwg from template.
Furthermore, one would think that I should be able to open the original template file (icad.dwt) to tweak the cell lock information, but if I open the template file, the same thing happen. As soon as I go to change anything in the table, the formula disappears.

Re: Table formulas disappear in new drawing from template (BUG?)

It appears to have been an issue with either cell locking of Format (of course I wouldn't want to lock format and data).
Or it was a bug where it didn't like direct entry of the formula by typing the "=" sign. I went through with the slow method of selecting the formula pulldown for each calculated cell and selecting "equation" so the software will insert the "=" symbol.

Now it appears to work as a template. Something was buggy, but I don't know exactly which step was the bug.

Re: Table formulas disappear in new drawing from template (BUG?)

I finally have it working. IT WAS AND IS A BUG. When the file is saved as a .dwt drawing template and the .dwt is used for future drawings, all cell formulas are lost. When the file is saved as a .dwg, and the .dwg is used as a template for new drawings, the cell formulas remain intact.

My solution is to always save my master template as a .dwg and I have updated the pointer in the "new template" start screen to look for my "template.dwg" file in the folder of my choice instead of looking for an icad.dwt way off in the bowels of the hidden "users/AppData/local" folder tree.

Would also be nice if I get a free upgrade once this is corrected, since I discovered the root cause of the bug.