Drawing a circle with 3 point option.

Every time I try and draw a circle which picks up 3 points using the appropriate circle option button the circle will not appear. I select 3 points and a circle starts but diaapears as soon as I select the third point. Does this funtion actually work and what am I doing wrong. I used it succesfully in autocad so am at a loss to see the problem. Thanks in advance for any advise.

Re: Drawing a circle with 3 point option.

My graphics card is Nvidia P2000. Will do 3D no problem so I doubt is a card issue. For clarity, I wish to draw a circle that intersects 3 points. I have tried multiple times but no joy. Can do arcs, tan tan radius etc but the 3 point circle is a no no. I thank you for your reply but can you think of any oher settings or options please? :-)

Re: Drawing a circle with 3 point option.

Yes I have :
ScreenShot_20230510181902.jpg (41.68 KiB) Viewed 5977 times
and go to the folder where you save your log files :
image_2023-05-10_182634258.png (102.73 KiB) Viewed 5976 times

Draw your circles and close IntelliCAD.
Then open your log file after you have made these several 3 centers circles !
May be your errors will be written in this file !
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Re: Drawing a circle with 3 point option.

Hi, thank you once again for your most useful reply.

I did as suggested and no error recorded BUT and this is the wierd thing, I did thre sircles and then using the 3 point circle option tried to make a circle using the centres of the 3 circles previously drawn and it worked......I did nothing differently but it seemed to work. Will try again after afew logins and log outs and feed back.

Merci beaucoup, mon ami. :-)


Re: Drawing a circle with 3 point option.

Serannelo wrote:
Tue Aug 08, 2023 9:53 am
Hi Spirou, please can you direct me to where I post a question please, I know I have done it in the past but I cannot remember how I did it nor can I find anywhere to post a new subject? Thank you in advance,


Hi Serannelo,
If you open the section you wish to add a post (question).
Then look at the top right of the screen you should see the NEW TOPIC button

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