Strange snap settings behaviour.

Hi, I installed and use ver. 11.1.
Earlier when I drew e.g. a line and chose "Settings..." from shift+mouse right click menu, the snap settings window opened up and I could turn on or off any of the snap settings. I used this when I wanted to turn on more than one new snap. For example I could turn on the Endpoint and Midpoint.
before.png (44.29 KiB) Viewed 3086 times
Now in 11.1 the snap settings window does not open up (during a command when I choose Settings... from shift+mouse right click menu), I can only choose snap options in the command bar, and the worst is that if I choose one snap option there, IntelliCAD turns off all the other snaps permanently.
after.png (8.53 KiB) Viewed 3086 times
Can previous behaviour be restored somehow? (Maybe I've done something wrong?)
Thanks for any advice.