NumInc Lisp

I have been using the NUMINC lisp for years in autocad. But when I try to use it in Intellicad I get an Improper syntax error. I would post the lisp but it's rather long. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem. It's a great lisp I downloaded years ago for placing incremental numbers and letters into a drawing. Really great lisp that I am hoping to be able to continue to use. Thaanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.


Re: NumInc Lisp

Yes, that's the one. I can try to ask but I would think they may not be familiar with Icad. I was hoping someone here might have already made the corrections for their own use. Or that someone familiar with Icad might be able to look at the lisp and see something that would be causing the issue. It is a very useful lisp, Hopefully someone is able to find something simple that needs to be modified so it could be used with Icad.