In customising my intellicad I somehow lost the CMS intellicad classic menu. I thought I found the file in the base intellicad directory but when i brought it in using the cui command it did not hold, it went to the menu I created. Does anyone know how to get the CMS menu back and have it compatible with the menu I created? Thanks

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Hi Kitch,

Which version are you running? I'm on 11.0, so you may have to adjust below to accommodate.

Try looking here:
C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\CMS\CMS IntelliCAD 11.0 Premium Edition Plus x64\Backup
Here you should have 4 folders:


Re-load the cui located here, it should take you back.


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Thanks Steve, I am also on 11.0 Right now I finished customising my custom kitchen menu but would like the standard menu to see what the BIM capabilities are, there are more and more people going to revit these days. Again thanks so far I like the program, today I start doing projects on it.

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No could not find the files you mentioned. All that was there was icad.net Now I I hesitate to reinstall because I have my menu tweaked just the way I want it and don't want to risk loosing that one. But another question. Two questions actually, one, how do I get rid of the tool tips and two when I load apps on the start up suite I have to click thru an error box for every .lisp loaded. Is there any way to get rid of that? Right now its easier for to do appload then select all and click load. I customised my menu to the foodservice industry.

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The appdata folder is normally hidden, make sure you have made it visible.
This is what I have:

Goto 'Tools' in the dropdown bar and then select system variable manager.
Type 'tooltips' in the search window, then change the value from 1 to 0 (zero)

CMS Intellicad 11.0.728.136544.PE+.VC16.x64.CMS110