3D model of a human to use in intellicad?

Cheers to all,

I have been making progress in my 3D solid model drawing of my farmhouse.

I am to the point where I would like to place a 3D model of a person, perhaps on the deck, in my top level drawing.

Can anyone recommend the source of a human 3D model that working in intellicad?

Should I be looking for a dxf file would some other file format be preferable. Perhaps I can find a 3D horse model as well, haha.

Many thanks!
Kevin in Maryland

Re: 3D model of a human to use in intellicad?

Thank you Steve... I will down load that and give it a try.

In the mean time, I did find some 3D people at this location,


These were in dxf format. I was able to open the file in Intellicad ,then copy and pasted the human I wanted into my drawing. I used "scale" to resize for my purpose and also had to rotate so she was standing up in my coordinate system. She looks a bit like my wife, got lucky there!

Here are some renderings I did last night.
Here I have 3 Renee's one of which is placed inside the building and can be seen through the door glass. I thought that was cool.
Thanks again... Kevin