Importing DXF using Excel and ICAD11

Have a simple VBA routine that imports a DXF into active drawing that was working well in ICAD9.1, but no longer working since 10.1 including 11.
Routine is executed from Excel with drawing path loaded from excel cell.

Run-time error '2147467259 (80004005)':
Method 'Import' object 'IIcadDocument' failed

Code that works in 9.1, is below. Has the IMPORT function changed in any way?
Option Explicit

Dim icadApp As Object
Dim POSITIONXY As intellicad.Point
Dim DXFPATH As String
Dim SDXF As String
Set POSITIONXY = intellicad.Library.CreatePoint(0, 0, 0)
SDXF = ActiveSheet.Range(DXFPATH)
intellicad.ActiveDocument.Import SDXF, POSITIONXY, 1
End Sub