Upgrade PE Easy Run 10.1?

I've purchased a couple of PE Easy Run 10.1 licenses in the past and need to purchase a couple more this week.

My questions are:

1. Will the two new licenses be version 11 or 10.1?

2. How can I upgrade the other two users to version 11?

The upgrade docs I can find all are geared towards PE, not Easy Run. I've tried uninstalling the application as well as Turbo.net (removing the config) and then reinstalling but it just did 10.1 again.

Does anyone know?

Re: Upgrade PE Easy Run 10.1?

So now I need to purchase an additional 3 licenses, but I haven't heard anything here yet.

My concern is I'll have 2 licenses at version 10.1 and 3 at version 11 which makes it more difficult for our helpdesk.

When we purchased the initial two a couple of years ago it said "lifetime upgrades" but it doesn't say if it's just minor upgrades to the version sold at time of purchase or all upgrades. I haven't been able to get a clear answer out of anyone.

Are there any Easy Run owners out there that know?