The should be simple "print to PDF" Not working on 3 different computers?

Hi guys,

I've got an issue getting the printing to work at all IntelliCAD. I have three computers at my office and none of them are working.

Under print options I select DWG to PDF and when I save it and try to open the created file it gives an error message of invalid file formate (also the PDF file it creates is 0kb in size), so it seems to be creating nothing..

Any suggestions? Exporting to pdf does the same thing, using publisher to do multiple pages on my DWG does the same thing too. Nothing seems to be working for PDF's, my AutoCAD computer works just fine with all of these things...

Also, bonus question, it will not load my company's print style .ctb file. It says "ACTUAL-NAME-HERE.ctb (missing)" When I've placed the ctb file with the monochrome.ctb, they are both together.. Any ideas on this would also be helpful?

Re: The should be simple "print to PDF" Not working on 3 different computers?

Hi, I appreciate you giving your thoughts.

I have tried Microsoft to PDF, it appears to work, unfortunately it only gives me a few paper options of 8.5"x11" up to 11"x17" paper sizes. I need 24"x36" paper size. Anything other ideas maybe?

Great, I think that helped for the ctb file.
I originally put it here:
C:\Program Files\CMS\CMS IntelliCAD 10.1 Premium Edition\Print Styles

But based on your location (I didn't know there was another location), I found this under documents and it seems to have worked as it removed the (missing) designation when I select styles under print options.
C:\Users\RRoger\Documents\CMS IntelliCAD10.1x64\Print Styles

Also, I have a major scaling and annotative text problem. It's the same in model space as it is when I go to printer space or Microsoft to PDF. All text is set to 1/2" = 1' with annotative text on. This issue is intermittent, sometimes it displays correctly, other days it does what you see here in this picture. I selected multiple annotative texts with their properties shown as they are the same. I'm stumped on this one, especially because it is intermittent working some days and others it doesn't.