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following on from this post:

I have searched the internet for a lisp to extract a list of blocks in a drawing including those in nested xrefs with the drawing and found this:

Unfortunately this does not work with intellicad, well not the xrefs.

I contacted Lee Mac to verify that the problem lies with Intellicad, and he confirmed this.
He has given permission to modify his code to make it work with Intellicad:
"Based on your results, this does indeed look to reveal a difference in the way that external references are represented in the drawing database on the IntelliCAD platform. You're more than welcome to raise this on the IntelliCAD platform, and I'm happy to for you to modify my code as necessary, providing that you indicate the areas of modification.
I wish you the best of luck in finding a solution!"

Unfortunately this is beyond my lisp skills
Could anyone help with a pointer as to where will need modifying??

(the emails are available to admin to confirm Lee's agreement)


Re: Block Count

Here's a routine that will insert a table with a block count, not sure if it will work for you
I've attached the .IRX and the source code, the command is blkcount.
just goofing around with the trial and API. looking pretty good these days, better than the SDS days :)
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Cheers :)
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