Polar Tracking Angle precision issues (IntelliCAD 10.0)

I'm a new user to IntelliCAD but have had a fair bit of experience using AutoCad previously.

I am having issues with polar tracking angle precision. When drawing a line at any of the set angles (including vertical and horizontal) the line is off by a few decimal places of a degree. For example a 45 degree line when drawn will read something like 45.88 even though the tool shows it snapping to the polar angle.

This causes inaccuracy in the drawings as lines are not parallel and dimensions do not match up etc. and impacts on a lot of other commands such as mirror and copy.
I have found that using Ortho mode generally avoids the problem but this tends to cut down productivity (I have encountered the problem once or twice in Ortho mode also).

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Re: Polar Tracking Angle precision issues (IntelliCAD 10.0)

Yes. It's weird.

Polar tracking on. I'm close to 90, close enough to see that the green dashed line has appeared at 0 or 90 or whatever. I drag a distance and click and BINGO, I get a line that's at the angle the green line indicated. Great! Everything is fine! But NOBODY drags distances. We type distances like 12'4-17/32" because that's what we need. Dragging distances is useless.

Now. I'm very close to 90, close enough to see the green dashed line. I'm dragging but instead of just clicking I type a distance and hit enter. And NOT BINGO. Because I typed a distance the line is NOT AT 90. It's at 91 or 88 or something. The endpoint is where my cursor was, exactly. So what's the point of limiting to set angles in the polar tracking dialog because it doesn't do it! This is DEVASTATINGLY BAD!

We must be missing something but what? I mean, besides not having real AutoCAD what are we missing?