Grips disappear after the use of (VL-LOAD-COM)

After I you use this lisp command (VL-LOAD-COM) the grips boxes starting to disappear. Every time you pick an entity you can see the grips for a fraction of a second, and then disappear. If I don't use the (VL-LOAD-COM) everything works fine. I already report this issue twice and every time support respond with that the issue is video card compatibility. So, I tried on other PC's and the result is the same. I don't think that in my case, is a video card issue. Just try it. Use the (VL-LOAD-COM) function and see what happens with the grips when pick entities. If this problem is difficult to solve, as a work around, can you tell me if there is a way to deactivate the (VL-LOAD-COM) until the next time is needed? this function is a necessary thing for some functions in my app, but I can use it and de-activate it, until next time I need it. That will help.