I'm converting an app that I did (an lsp app for AutoCAD), so the app can work with IntelliCAD too. But is difficult to find information (or instructions) of how to specify an alternate location for icad.unt. I have to do so because my app needs additional conversion factor for units of area. So, because of lack of information, I assumed that is not possible. No matter what folder I put the file, or what path I configure inside IntelliCAD options, IntelliCAD cant see the file outside the IntelliCAD installation folder. Is that correct? 
But I need to do so because during installation, is very difficult to place an update of icad.unt file inside IntelliCAD installations folders.
Can you help me with this issue?

Re: icad.unt

QuanNguyen wrote:
Sat May 08, 2021 7:38 pm

You can use the command OPTION -> Paths/Files to add any path to the file search path.
Then IntelliCAD can see them.
Something like this:
I try it, and as you can see in the other posts, does not work.
The test is very simple: add to your original icad.unt a new conversion factor, and move the file to the location you suggested. Open intelliCAD and use your new conversion unit. You will see the error. Move the file again to the intelliCAD installation folders and will work. But if you are a developer, and need to work with other conversions factors, is not a good idea to make your clients to copy manually that file to the intelliCAD protected location. Is better to handle that process automatically by the installation process. But to use the intelliCAD protected installation folders, as the only way to handle the file, is no an easy task.