Not opened for read

I recenly bought a licence for this CAD software.
I am trying to meke the transition form ACAD.

I have drawings in dwg, made by a third party software (licenced by my supplier)

On these drawings I am unable to take any actions. Not even draw a line!

I ge the message : "Not opened for read"

Any tips?

Re: Not opened for read

I got exactly the same message.

It is not message box, see the log below:

File Version: R21 (2007) release
Command: CIRCLE
Not opened for read
Command: LINE
Please pick a point, or choose from the list:
Invalid input
Command: ARC
Invalid input
Command: PLINE
Not opened for read
Other non-entity-creator commands wokrks

Re: Not opened for read

On existing drawings (doesn't seem to matter which version of .dwg), I am getting "Not opened for read" when I try to draw anything or when I attempt to run the offset, trim, scale, array, etc. With move and copy when I press enter or right click for enter after selecting entities I get "Invalid input." I also get an "Invalid input" error when selecting an object and simply clicking the grip marker.

The same thing happens when I create a new drawing from scratch. I do not get these errors when I start a new drawing using the default template.

I get the same results when I import the existing drawing. I've also converted it using the IntelliCAD Converter 10 converting to a 2018 .dwg. I have the latest upgrade to CMS IntelliCAD 10.0.1528.121282.PE.VC15.x64.CMS100a, so updating is not a solution.

It's probably some setting somewhere, but I'd like to be able to use the software as intended.

Re: Not opened for read

Update (or more information)

I get the same "Not open for read" or "Invalid input" on the example drawings that came with CMS IntelliCAD Intl space station dec 98.dwg or Iso hatch patterns.dwg. So, it isn't just a problem with my existing drawings. It's like all existing drawings don't function correctly.

Re: Not opened for read

Thanks to Joe Smith @ CMS, Inc. I solved the various problems I had with opening and working in drawings other than those created from scratch using the default template. The solution was to uninstall CMS IntelliCAD and reinstall by running the setup .exe file as administrator. Thank you, Joe!