From Snap Point not working as in Autocad (or really at all)

When moving an entity (such as a line) and using Shift Right Click to bring up snapping options menu, the From Snap Point tool does not seem to temporarily reset the base point like Autocad does with the From option.

Using From Snap Point does allow for an offset from a second point, but when moving in some directions the movement seems like it is still affected by the original location of the entity being moved.

In my example,
- Draw two parallel 12 inch lines - one 12 inches directly above the other.
- Start to move the top line from it's left endpoint, then use Shift Right Click to bring up the snapping options. Select From Snap Point option.
- Click the new origin (snap point) on the right-most point of the bottom line.
- Then continue moving the top line to the right of the bottom line on the same level (same Y co-ord) and type an offset value of 24
- The top line should now be in-line (co-linear) with the bottom line but shifted 24 inches to the right - but is not.
Is this affected by some setting or variable or just a bug?