Re: 3D Piping Menu - inserts blocks.

CMS Inc wrote:
Tue Jun 01, 2021 5:28 pm
Thanks, are these files part of your app running as trial?

You might be interested in this post: ... rk-designs
Thanks for the link,
Yes these files are those required for the app, but there are no restrictions, no trial, just free :)
However if it saves people time and they want to send some money to help cover the development costs I can give Paypal details.

Could you add the files here? to save people going to Dropbox, possibly as a single zip file?
I only ask as I suspect some people will be concerned about downloading from a 3rd party website.


Re: 3D Piping Menu - inserts blocks.

Here is the latest files for Revision 2.1.4

I have modified the Full Bore Ball Valves and added the Reduced bore Ball Valves.

Dim Files

Piping part 1

Piping Part 2

Instructions PDF

I have deleted the files relating to the earlier version, so the links will not work.

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Re: 3D Piping Menu - inserts blocks.

Contains 7,012 3D funneling blocks in .dwg design.

A modest option in contrast to other 3D channeling programming costing many dollars more.

Works with inch, millimeter, or feet drawing units.

As soon as possible pick the 3D channeling block you wanted from a solitary menu.

After you complete your design, run Data Extraction to make a Bill of Material.

No expectation to learn and adapt. You'll be useful in a split second.

multi-day unconditional promise.

The "3D Piping Symbols Library v2.0" is a drafting instrument to help AutoCAD 3D channeling artists and architects rapidly make 3D funneling models to produce a 2D arrangement, area, and rise drawings.