I have a problem with V10.0 of IntelliCAD.
When I draw lines, polylines, rectangles, arcs, etc I cannot see the entities like its turn off.
Only the circles can be seen.
This problem exists with both a new design and an existing design.
For example I open an existing drawing and it shows the Hatches but not the contour lines.
If I open the same file with Intellicad version 9 everything works fine.
But the lines exist: infact if I select them I can see the lins selected.
In the image below in a new drawing I have lines but they not seen. If I select the lines I can see that they are present.
Somebody would suggest me what happened.
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Thank you so much for the your suggestion. It is a setting problem.

Currently I have this setting and I have problems:
Graphics device: Advanced (OpenGL ES) - 2D anti-aliasing active - Advanced - 3D anti-aliasing deactivated.

If I activate Advanced - 3D anti-aliasing then the problem disappears.

Or if I use Graphics device: Intermediate (OpenGL) or Basic (with 3D anti-aliasing disabled) The problem is not there.