Re: OSNAP / Rastreamento polar

That´s a light at then end of tunnel.

My group of commands use USerControl form inside a PalleteSet.

I will try to think an option to invoke ...

Specially because I have DropDown buttons to select values, types and customize drawings ...

Creating a new CommandMethod needs to receipt all options and values selected by user ... becomes complicated ...

Re: OSNAP / Rastreamento polar

QuanNguyen wrote:
Tue Dec 08, 2020 9:12 am
In case of calling a command from the menu/form, you should call via Editor.Command(...)

However, we can also create a context to run a function (ex: LineVBNet), please refer to the attached file.
Line WinForm Exam.rar
Do we have any alternative to solve this OSNAP calling problem ??

Does anybody eles got this problem or just me ??