ICAD 10.0 PE+ x64 Can't open multiple drawings

Longtime ACADE user. Purchased ICAD 10.0 PE+ and was very pleased until I tried to open a second drawing/tab (drawings are .dwg produced in ACADE if that makes a difference). ICAD locked up and I had to give it the three finger salute to get it to shut down. Couldn't get even start page to run until I rebooted the machine. Seems to be getting worse as now I can't open anything, even after rebooting. It is a new laptop and I am going to check the AV setting to see if that could be the cause but any help would be much appreciated.

Re: ICAD 10.0 PE+ x64 Can't open multiple drawings

NotNunya wrote:
Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:50 pm
A little help here please......I like this software one I get a drawing to open but I can't uninstall/reinstall every time I use it.
First can you check your vesion.

Also, I believe ACADE is Acad Electrical, is that correct?

I have added a zip file of 'simple' dwgs for you to test.
Once Icad is open, you should be able to use:
File/Open then select all of the samples and they should open in separate tabs.
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Re: ICAD 10.0 PE+ x64 Can't open multiple drawings

Joe remoted into my machine. When he did I dragged the open iteration of ICAD onto the laptop screen as I assumed he couldn't see my second monitor. He could open multiple drawings just fine. I thought I might be losing it as I could then open the ACADE (yes, ACADE = Autocad Electrical 2018) drawings as well. When we ended the session, I dragged it back to my second monitor and started having the same issue. I shut everything down and restarted from the laptop screen only and didn't have any issues. What I found was that if I used a monitor that was connected to the HDMI port, things locked up. When I didn't, no issues. I have updated Windows 10 (it was a new laptop as well) and the graphics card drivers but it still occurs if I use the HDMI port. I think this is a hardware/driver issue on my machine. I don't have to use the HDMI port for the second monitor. Even if I do, I can drag the running iteration of ICAD to my laptop screen if I need to open new drawings then back to the screen that is using the HDMI port to edit. A little strange, but it works. In short it not a deal breaker for me as, so far, it has been a very easy to use and intuitive package. I have already created and/or updated several drawing packages with no need to check manuals or videos. Right now I am a happy camper.