Tweaking CMS IntelliCAD graphics device performance

Some graphics devices drivers do not properly support OpenGL ES technology and tweaking CMS IntelliCAD graphics device performance settings may be required.
Check if your graphics device is compliant with OpenGL ES technology here: ... s/opengles
If not, please switch from OpenGL ES to OpenGL as presented below.

How to tweak CMS IntelliCAD graphics device performance:
1) Go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > Display tab > Graphics performance
2) it's now possible to change the graphics device support from Advanced (OpenGL ES) > intermediate (OpenGL) > Basic (software)

User can also set ON/OFF 2D/3D anti-aliasing.
graphics device performance
graphics device performance
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The CMS IntelliCAD graphics device support for OpenGL ES, OpenGL and basic GDI can also be switched using GSUSEDDEVICEMODE (GSDEVICEMODE in v12) command or directly at the CMS IntelliCAD interface as shown below.
Switch graphics device support
Switch graphics device support
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