If CMS IntelliCAD software hangs on file saving on systems running NVIDIA GPUs

A few reports have been received from end users about hangs on file save on a few specific systems running NVIDIA GPU devices.
After code investigation on dump files obtained from Windows system, IntelliCAD software developers have strong suspicions about Nahimic software being the reason behind hangs/crashes.
https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/fo ... -conflict/

Suggestion #1: Uninstall Nahimic software from system.

Suggestion #2: Set "auto test mode". In this mode report will be sent automatically to IntelliCAD server. Probably that report will contain call stack of dead thread with locked critical section. It may give to us additional clues.
Set QAFLAGS sysvar to value 16 (QAFLAG_AUTOTESTMODE) to enable this mode.

Suggestion #3: There is different way for thumbnail preview image generation in IntelliCAD. If sysvar THUMBNAILFLAGS is equal 2, then ODA's way for preview image generation is used. It is not a fast way (THUMBNAILFLAGS==0 is faster). Users can try this mode.