Span Setting and Controls

I seem to have lost control of snap settings. I am a casual user, just use the software to support working hobby. While working on a simple drawing I can no long seem to use snap to any points, ie end points and midpoints etc. I have tried reading the manual but those instructions do not seem to correct the situations. This is very frustrating when trying to dimension my drawing, can anyone provide a solution for my issue.

Bought this software based on "Free Help" this is the third question I have asked and I have not found any replies to either of my other questions.

Re: Span Setting and Controls

The should have been titled Snap Setting and Controls. I was able to get the snap function working but it still acts strange, if I have grid snap on the drawing snap to end points, interestions etc does not work. I this a characteristic of the program or am I missing something.

Thank you for the help.