Network License Borrowing or Roaming

CMS IntelliCAD PE Plus Network license allows users to borrow or roam a seat from the licensed LAN network. Typically this is required when an user needs to work offline.
Note: A borrowed or roaming license is tied to the client pc that goes offline for a specific period of time. At the end of such period, the borrowed license won't work anymore at such client pc until it gets reconnected again to the licensed LAN. If the client pc does not reconnect to the LAN within the borrowing period, then the CMS NKLS license manager will release such seat to be reused by another client pc connected to the LAN.

  • Go to Microsoft Windows® desktop Start and browse for the CMS programs folder > click Roam application;
optionally, search for “ROAM” at Windows® search and click ENTER;
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  • Enter the number of days planned for offline use, and click “Check out”;
roaming.jpg (16.63 KiB) Viewed 4518 times
  • When returning the seat to the licensed LAN, connect the client system to the LAN network, run step 2 again. Then click “Return”;
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