How to Update CMS IntelliCAD PE PLUS NETWORK license

If you're running a CMS IntelliCAD PE PLUS Network version prior to 9.2.708 , then you'll have to deactivate the license at the client PC where it was initially activated.
Then proceed as follows:
Email us requesting the update to the latest CMS IntelliCAD PE PLUS Network build;
Uninstall CMS IntelliCAD PE PLUS Network from all client PCs;
Uninstall CMS NKLS from the LAN server;
Download the latest build of CMS IntelliCAD PE PLUS Network and CMS NKLS installers from
Install CMS NKLS at the LAN server and run CMS NKLS;
Install CMS IntelliCAD PE PLUS Network at all client PCs;
After receiving an email confirmation from us, please proceed as follows:
1) Run "CMS NKLS" and "CMS NKLS Browser" at the server. Make sure to allow CMS NKLS running through the system firewall. Such machine needs to keep it's IP address all the time. If, for some reason, it changes the IP address, you'll have to re-run "CMS NKLS Browser" to broadcast its IP address until all clients update the IP address of CMS NKLS. That will happen by running CMS IntelliCAD at each client PCs.
2) Run CMS IntelliCAD Network on all client PCs. Make sure to allow "CMS IP Address Receiver" through the system firewall. Update IP address of CMS Server upon notice. Close "CMS NKLS Browser" after all CMS IntelliCAD clients systems update the CMS NKLS IP address location. Close "CMS NKLS Browser" at the server;
3) At one Client PC ONLY, run "CMS Icad Register" that you can find at the desktop shortcut, insert the Activation Key at the Activation Key input box and hit ACTIVATE.

General instructions file on how to install CMS IntelliCAD Network: ... ersion.pdf