Cannot run CMS IntelliCAD - EKAG6420.exe missing or error when running

Probably you're using McAfee Anti-virus and, currently, it's unduly blocking one of our software components named EKAG6420.exe

Proceed as follows:
Close CMS IntelliCAD.
At McAfee, go to Settings > Quarantined items and restore EKAG6420.exe (do not delete it otherwise a CMS IntelliCAD uninstall and reinstall is required);
At McAfee, go to Settings > real-time scanning and exclude EKAG6420.exe (*) from real-time scanning;
At McAfee, go to Settings > Update the app > Check for updates as seen at the image below.
Screenshot 2021-03-18 043959.png
Screenshot 2021-03-18 043959.png (121.96 KiB) Viewed 3561 times
Run CMS IntelliCAD again and the issue should be resolved.

If the problem persists, please report back the Antivirus name and version you're using. It's unduly detecting a FALSE positive, and to run our software you'll need to whitelist EKAG6420.exe at your Antivirus.

(*) this software component is located at the CMS IntelliCAD programs folder.