License management - How to transfer a CMS IntelliCAD license from a licensed system

Starting from CMS IntelliCAD 8.2 version and following, users are able to transfer or release the license by running CMS IntelliCAD at the latest licensed system (still running the license) and then deactivating it at the HELP > License Manager self-service feature.
EULA terms reminder: If you're not able to deactivate the license at the latest licensed system AND you're not able to reactivate the license at a new supported system then you'll be able to re-use CMS IntelliCAD software again either by purchasing a support pack subscription or by upgrading to the most updated version.

Activation/Registration & deactivation Instructions are available at the DOWNLOAD section of

Older versions are not compatible with the latest Windows developments and will require an upgrade if a license transfer is required.
Users can upgrade at the UPGRADES section of our online store here: