Help with repairing broken IntelliCAD install

During the initial install of IntelliCAD I had to cancel out of the sudden forced restart in order to make sure some opened files/documents had been saved. This caused the IntelliCAD installer to lock up and enter a not responding state according to the task manager. After force killing the installer, I attempted to run it again, only for it to tell me that IntelliCAD was already installed, and I needed to uninstall before I could attempt a reinstall (Recommended by going to Add/Remove programs)
However, this is not possible since there is no entry for IntelliCAD in the Add/Remove Programs windows feature, and a search of my computer reveals that there is no install location/directory for IntelliCAD, only the extracted installer packages. Subsequent install attempts only confirm this.
I can only assume that the installer has somewhere set an 'IsInstalled' flag prematurely, which is now blocking the installer from installing IntelliCAD. Is there any way to clear this flag so the installer can proceed, or to somehow force the installer to install IntelliCAD regardless of its current installation state?


Installer: CMS_Icad_9.2x64_PE_setup
Would attach log, but apparently its an invalid file type, so Pastebin link instead: