How to Update CMS IntelliCAD CAD Software

How to update CMS IntelliCAD Premium (PE & PE PLUS) standalone software

If you're running a CMS IntelliCAD Standalone license then CMS IntelliCAD should prompt you if you're willing to download an update. Alternatively, go to the CMS IntelliCAD Help Menu > Check for Updates.

Please check if you have a license to run the CMS IntelliCAD update. If not, you can upgrade at the UPGRADES section of our online store available at

IMPORTANT: Before updating, MAKE SURE to backup all customized UI/settings. Refer to CUSTOMIZE command and the IntelliCAD HELP menu (F1 key) for additional information on how to save and transfer customized settings.

Before updating, make sure to uninstall current version, reboot the system and only then install the latest CMS IntelliCAD build.

If you plan to transfer a registered license from a licensed system in to a new machine then please review the license deactivation instructions available at the DOWNLOAD section of our website at

How to update CMS IntelliCAD PE EASY RUN software
a) uninstall CMS IntelliCAD from your system programs (if installed)
b) windows search for " preferences" program, run it and then clean all cache;
c) sign in at browse for the latest available version at the applications section. Then right mouse click on top of the CMS IntelliCAD program icon and select "run on My PC" or "install on My PC"