Intellicad & Nvidia Cards

I volunteer for an organization that has developed it's own Cad program with Intellicad as it's core. The issue is that we are having is with various Nvidia Cards. However, not all machines have the issue with Nvidia cards. I have the GeForce 1060 and have no problems. We find the program will work with the installation of a 32bit version of our program rather than the 64 bit. Also, for dual card machines, we find not using Nvidia cards works the best. I have ran the DirectX Diagnostic Tool on a computer with OpenGl.dll and KernelBase.dll errors. Any ideas that could be the issue?

Re: Intellicad & Nvidia Cards

Yes ....

Similar situation with me.

What I did was turn OFF hardware acceleration.

Under OPTIONS click on DISPLAY and uncheck the HARDWARE ACCELERATION check box.

Then because you may have newbs on different machines... create and save a template which includes the settings as things start up for each user.

Did that work?