Left Mouse Button Settings

I'm using ICAD 8.4 Premium Plus x64 and Windows 7. Previously, I could repeatedly select entities by clicking each one with the left mouse button. Now I must press the control key to select more than one entity. Previously, I could surround or cross multiple entities multiple times to select them all. Now the original group selected becomes unselected when I try to surround or cross more entities, even with the control key depressed. I didn't consciously change any settings and I don't know how to get the multiple selection function working again. Does anyone know what to do?

Re: Left Mouse Button Settings

I'm also using ICAD 8.4 Premium Plus x64 .... BUT Windows 10 ...

Using Lisp AND entsel ...in code ...I can not use the right or left mouse select ...

I think our issues are related brother.

one click and go right = get only entities that are completely in the selection
one click and go left = get anything it crosses

this fails

I think are issues are related

give me a bit of time to post code that will replicate the issue