Command name

Could someone tell me how to edit a command name or a complete list of comand names?
I'm used to work with other command names. I want to change command names and i dont know if it is possible.
Thank you.

Re: Command name

It appears you are a beginner so I will use beginner language.

You can use the Lisp API included in the IntelliCAD API to create or redefine or invent any language you want.
Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP etc ...

So this is what I suggest ....ALWAYS RUN PARALLEL as you switch over in ANY API in any program.

When you can type say "LINE" in any program ...make a function/method/object called myLINE ...
leave the LINE command alone (in the original what ever program) do not change it ...but rather adjust it.. make it mLine as something new

(defun myLine ( )
;call function original LINE COMMAND
NOW some more stuff


Leave the original LINE command alone .... and make a NEW ...mLINE command?
Is it to hard for you to type an "m" in front of you other program?

Its the OLD Netscape or Explorer argument.
Grow up - who cares - I want the one that works - don't care how it looks.
Don't care if I click A B D submenu C or A C E submenu R ....whatever

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