looking for help

I am looking for help with, probably, a large project.

I have a number of toolbars which insert standard drawing blocks.

I would like to do the same thing but using a DCL dialogue and a lisp file.
I have created a basic DCL dialogue but need a lot of help with the lisp file

Is there anyone prepared to help me with this?


Re: looking for help

UberEber wrote:
Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:26 pm
So you don't know the size of the project and do not describe it

Can we put the forum moderator into a lambda recursive loop?
for another 3 years (+1 mod member) (setq nil)

Thank you for your constructive Insightful comments, I will take them on board next time I consider asking for help.
It is truly people like yourself that make forums such as this one, work!


Re: looking for help

Yes - thank you for your reply.
I am very excited about the changes taking place with IntelliCADMS

His request for help was 2 years old my friend.
And I say friend ...because I want to engage some current IntelliCAD users.

Sometimes pushing a few buttons - helps to get things going.

I am an old time programmer ... a newbie CAD user.


Re: looking for help

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AUTOCAD USERS ....that think there is only one solution...

So let me get this straight ....AFTER TWO YEARS ... two years ...


you replied again ...

but with no answer to the question you asked TWO FN YEARS ago ....

if you still do not have the answer ...then get out of the business


Re: looking for help

What can I say??

Yes I asked a question 2 years ago, that no one stepped up to the plate to offer help.

But thanks again for your continued constructive help.
It is help from............................................never mind.