Cloud Intellicad not loading


Our cloud version of IntelliCAD (PE 8.2.940) refuses to run. I have tried it on two separate machines and I get the same error in both cases:

The application has encountered and error. Access denied. (0x80070005)
Please contact the publisher of this application for more information

Please can you help as this tool is required urgently on an active project.

Screenshot attached.
Screenshot of error.
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Re: Cloud Intellicad not loading

Cloud users are on a subscription and faster registration support replies are typically provided by email.

Just sign off at the console you can find a the system tray, and re-sign in.

CMS IntelliCAD upgrades can be found at the Applications section of

When upgrading, uninstall first ALL CMS intelliCAD software and only then click to run the CMS IntellICAD version you would like to run.