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How to Run a Free CMS IntelliCAD Educational CAD Software license

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:52 pm
by CMS Inc
Request your free access to CMS IntelliCAD Educational by filling the Registration Form at: ... ation-form

Upon validation, you'll be able to sign in at and download CMS IntelliCAD PE Educational.
Access data will be provided by email.

a) Go to ;
b) Sign in using the access data we've sent you by email:
c) Follow instructions that will be presented. Make sure to install the plugin that will allow our site to download/stream CMS IntelliCAD software in to your machine(s) and then go back to . Right mouse click on top of CMS IntelliCAD icon and select the way you would like to run CMS IntelliCAD Educational.

Additional instructions can be found at ... icense.pdf