Rendering larger resolutions with Artisan render for CMS IntelliCAD

How to render realistic images using CMS IntelliCAD 8.2 and Artisan render for CMS IntelliCAD

1. The user selects the appropriate ‘Aspect Ratio’ from the Camera Menu and this proportion is saved for each Snapshot.

2. The user then creates a set of Snapshots of various views of the model.

3. When the Snapshot is taken, whether before or after a software render, an image is made of whatever is on the screen at that time. If you double-click on the Snapshot icon you will see the image that was created when that Snapshot was taken. The actual file for this image is in the ‘Snapshots’ folder alongside the model file. The file is named “real_time_<modelname><snapshotnumber>.jpg.
The resolution of this image (either software render or an openGL view) is whatever the screen happens to be but will be in the proportion chosen as the ‘Aspect Ratio’. The value of this resolution is always displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the ARTISAN window.

4. Now the user wants to create (or re-create) rendered images from the saved SnapShots e.g. if a model has changed, or you now want to commit to higher resolution images. In the Snapshots section we can select a Snapshot, or set of Snapshots, choose a resolution for the ‘Longest Side’ and click ‘Render All Snapshots’. This process will create a file for each render, saved in the Snapshot folder with each file named “photo_<modelname><snapshotnumber>”.
If you now double-click on the Snapshot icon, you will see the “photo” version of the image and, if the resolution is higher than the screen, you will not be able to see the whole image.

5. The intended workflow is that the user creates these higher resolution images and either moves them to another folder or renames them in the Snapshot folder. If you do this (move or rename the “photo” image) then the double-click behaviour reverts to that when the Snapshot was taken.
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