Transfer an activated license

License deactivation is a prerequisite in order to transfer and register it on a new, formatted or upgraded(*) system.
On the other hand, the EULA terms grants the option to unlock the license registration restrictions by purchasing a support pack subscription/seat.

Starting from CMS IntelliCAD 8.2, an installed license can be automatically transferred from the licensed system (still running the license) at the CMS IntelliCAD Help menu > License Manager. Please review the deactivation instructions at the download section.

Also notice that you need to hold a copy of the licensed version installer file.

To deactivate CMS IntelliCAD at the licensed system still running it, please check the version you're running, download and follow the deactivation instructions available at the DOWNLOAD section of

(*) IMPORTANT: CMS IntelliCAD 8.1 licenses and prior versions are not compatible with recent Windows 10 update developments. We highly recommend users to maintain their license using the latest CMS IntelliCAD version here: