CMS 8.0 LISP path spec item

I see there is now a LISP item in the Paths/Files tab on the configuration dialog.

For some reason it does not do what I expected, that is, add my specified LISP folder location to the Support Paths.

It seems to halfway work. I say halfway because I have an autoload.lsp routine that is embedded in icaddoc.lsp, which is designed to load specified LISP routines only when their command name is entered. (This is OLD ACAD methodology, and was working as expected in my CMS 7.2) The nice thing about this is the command isn't loaded unless needed, thereby saving system resources.

For example, I have a short routine that changes the last object in the drawing to another layer. I enter CLLAY and the autoload routine "sees" I've typed CLLAY, loads CLLAY.LSP if it wasn't used previously in the session, and invokes the command.

Now this does not work, but if I do (load "CLLAY") the system has no trouble finding the routine. The flaw could be in my autoload.lsp code, but it is unchanged from what I used under CMS 7.2, so that tells me something's amiss... but what?

I forgot to mention, if I add my LISP folder location spec. under "Support Paths - Help" area, my autoload functionality has no problems.

That's why I ask, what is the use of having a LISP section, if it doesn't work fully?

It works if I use APPLOAD, or if I issue direct loading calls like (load "CLLAY"), but it doesn't work if I'm using some other method, like loading a routine from within another routine?

Re: CMS 8.0 LISP path spec item

Hi I am new here ...

Had similar issue with ...8.4.772.0.PE+.VC11.x64.RF84b

I added a lisp path but the routines were not found.

When I went to choose a relevant path in "support paths" there was no decent choice
or everything greyed out as non-selectable.

Got everything working when I added the identical lisp paths in the block paths area
making both path areas identical.

Hope this helps someone.