Image Tile Menu Support?

New user here, very old ACAD user (all the way back to v1.8 )...:twisted:

I'm attempting to customize a menu and block library system for our electrical engineering department.

I would like to use IMAGE TILE menus, but the support for them doesn't seem to be there. Am I right? :?:

I tried downloading an imagemenu.dll that I've seen a few references to on the internet, dating back to ICAD '98, but it doesn't work.

So far I'm pretty happy with a lot of things about ICAD, particularly the LISP support, but this lack of image menu support has me confused. Surely I'm just missing something? Support that isn't included in my Standard 7.2 version, but is included in the Pro version perhaps?

Currently we do not support Image Tile Menu Support with IntelliCAD 7.2
However, we plan to support it but we cannot confirm any specific date on that.

CMS Inc wrote:Currently we do not support Image Tile Menu Support with IntelliCAD 7.2
However, we plan to support it but we cannot confirm any specific date on that.
I currently have about a dozen different 'Image Tiles' that I have used since Icad98 when I first started my business. Loss of this functionality has forced me to go back to my old version 4PE+

Can your plans to incorporate this functionality be accelerated & some kind of expected date given please.



Since your previous post in the thread, they have updated to iCAD 7.2, but it doesn't look like your file type is supported.

In customize, there is an option for import. File types that can be chosen are: Standard Menu File (*.mnu); Add-On Menu File (*.mns); IntelliCAD Menu File (*.icm)

It's possible you might be able to find a program that can turn your Image Tile Menu into one of these file types... but other than that guess, I don't have much knowledge on these file types.

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Currently, the best you can do without implementing the VB support, which is only available in the Professional version or higher, is to re-code the "macro" information into a Toolbar based menu structure.

Standard Menu structures in filetypes *.mnu, *.mns, and *.icm are standard text files. Open them with a Notepad or other text editor.

Recently I've learned how to make editing my menu files less painful by using Excel. Using string concatenation functions, once you get the structure in place, new symbols can be added by copying existing items to a new line and changing the pertinent symbol name & bitmap file references. I'm willing to send an example if interested, just e-mail me.[/img]

Thanks for your responces guys.

I did look breifly at VBA as/for a solution, but, failed :cry: old dog/new trick :!:

Re-coding to toolbar format looks like my only option for my limited programming skill level.

I had hoped that after a year an answer would be close. I guess since CMS has ignored this post, apart from that little 'in the future' hook, it will not happen any time soon (if at all).

Unfortunately for me, the motherboard on my PC failed. I had to reload everything from scratch, so lost my working (imagetile menu) version of Intellicad. Installed 7.2 pro & now no image menus.

UL6: thanks for the offer, I'll ping you an email.


Re: Image Tile Menu Support?

This may be an old thread, but tile image support has been re-introduced in version 8.2 :D :D

So I have a question regarding Slide files, when I try to create a 'rendered' slide (using Mslide) the resulting slide is wire frame, is there a way to create rendered slide files??