Zoom Dynamic workaround

This lisp routine is posted with the permission of mjsmyth. Michael has came up with this workaround for all of us Zoom Dynamic fans that just can't seem to give it up. While it does not work exactly as zd does it is a great alternative.

; Zoom Dynamic workaround
(defun c:zd ()
(setq olduc (getvar "undoctl"))
(setvar "undoctl" 0)
(command "zoom" ".5xp" "zoom")
(setvar "undoctl" olduc)

Thank you Michael,



I'm not a LISP guru or less, but I see that what this routine do to emulate zoom dynamic is a zoom .5x and repeat the zoom command. Just wondering, might the .5x option be replaced with the "all" or "extents" option? I think it can work closer to Zoom Dynamic.

Thank you, best regards