Rates for Work on the side

I am doing some drafting and design work on the side after my full time job. I was wondering what is the prefered method of charging by the sheet or by the hour ? They are small mechanical drawings that fit generally on a A sized sheet. I can probably average 2 or 3 an hour depending on details. All opinions welcome.

Thanks in advance

If you are just working on the side casually your normal overtime rate is probably a fair charge.

If you are in business for yourself, a minimum charge of $60.00 per hour appears to be the norm. For a business to "break even", two/fifths of the $60.00 is your pay (including personal tax deductions and benefits) and the rest goes to operating the business and its related expenses.

The rule of thumb is: for each dollar an employee (or you) is paid, he must produce an additional dollar and a half for the business before the business can break even on that employee.

Example: If the employee is paid a dollar and he produces an additional two dollars for the business, then the business has made a half dollar profit.

Hey Lee,

I read your comments and found them interesting and informative. Do your rules of thumb apply to the USA ?

Do you have any more handy "Thumb Rules ?"

Thumbs can be good,