Macromedia Freehand 8 for free!

This only applies to anyone in the UK/Ireland.

On the cover of this months Computer Arts ( magazine is a CD containing Freehand 8, full version, no restrictions in use and can be used for commercial projects. There is no tech support though.

I know Version 10 is out now, but there is a cheap upgrade path from 8


Michael John Smyth
Irish / UK Representative
Efnet Autodesk Users Group

Check out the web page, I know that they take subscriptions. I think the reason it is only onsale in Ireland/UK has got to do with the license.

Michael John

Do you konw of any other graphics program like freehand that I can get for free ? I would like to get into doing some graphics and would like to learn on some program before I go and buy an expensive one.