For those who use Intellicad off-line just a warning on upgrading your system.

Intellicad is VERY twitchy to changes in the PC. A new hard drive or CPU or motherboard will flag the software as un-registered and prevent you from running the software. In some cases the software will ask for a new registration ID which you can purchase a new support pack to unlock or if you have an activation left on your license you can use that. In the case of a new CPU, it requires you to go on-line to re-make the ID and does not even ask for a new activation ID. I was completely blocked from using the software unless I went on-line to remake the ID.

You will undoubtedly note that Intellicad will let you TRANSFER your license from an existing system to a new system but upgrades or repairs to the same system cannot be done this way.

Support was very un-kind in stating that you must deactivate your license before upgrading and would not acknowledge that you can't do that off-line. No solution was offered to do this off-line at all and I was left hanging with my software not running.

So be very aware that once you install intellicad off-line your are stuck with that system as-built unless you go on-line and deactivate the license before you change anything. Depending on the upgrade, you still may have to go on-line to get it going again after the change.

Not ideal at all and definitely not documented so I wanted to warn others of this problem.