Re: 3D Piping Menu - inserts blocks.

CMS Inc wrote:
Tue Jun 01, 2021 5:28 pm
Thanks, are these files part of your app running as trial?

You might be interested in this post: ... rk-designs
Thanks for the link,
Yes these files are those required for the app, but there are no restrictions, no trial, just free :)
However if it saves people time and they want to send some money to help cover the development costs I can give Paypal details.

Could you add the files here? to save people going to Dropbox, possibly as a single zip file?
I only ask as I suspect some people will be concerned about downloading from a 3rd party website.


Re: 3D Piping Menu - inserts blocks.

Here is the latest files for Revision 2.1.4

I have modified the Full Bore Ball Valves and added the Reduced bore Ball Valves.

Dim Files

Piping part 1

Piping Part 2

Instructions PDF

I have deleted the files relating to the earlier version, so the links will not work.

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