Image not filling tile

I am having problems getting am image to fill the tile.
I have tried to set the background colour for the tile to '251' to hide any shortcomings with the slides but this also does not fill the tile.
In the image below I have set the background to 251 grey.
Note how the colour does not reach the bottom of the tile/window!!
Here is another image, this time the image/sld does not fill the tile/window

The mass of lines on the left appear to come from the sld, but were not present when I created the sld (MSLIDE).

files attached.
Any guidance would be appreciated :)
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Re: Image not filling tile

Hi QuanNguyen,

The main problem is the image tile.
I you look closely at my first image, the dark grey 'infill' does not go to the bottom of the Preview Image panel.

I am aware of the issue with the slides, however this is how Intellicad 9.0 created them??
I have a single drawing which contains ALL of the detail for each slide. I will transfer each slide to a single dwg and try again.
I this does not solve the problem I will start a new thread seeking help.