INTELLICAD assembly invalid load

I am trying to rebuild my plugins code from ACAD to ICAD and in time of using Visual Studio 19 to load IcadRibbon.dll, IcDb.dll, and else ... I got Invalid Assembly or COM component.

I am using NET API 4.8, but I tried 4.5, 4.6, and others ...

Is there anything else to check on code configuration to VS19 load the IRX dll assemblies ?

Re: INTELLICAD assembly invalid load

Thanks a lot.

I got the answer to add a debug process with Intellicad running. It works fine , now I had changed to framework 4.6 and trying to import some DLL like Ribbon to improve Ribbon Tab for plugin application.

My code run perfectly, at this point, but I need to change the interface from AutoCad wich is diferent.