Latest Version Findings

Thought I would pass on information gathered while working with the latest PE version. Firs off, Intellicad is making great strides, keep up the good work. Now for the things that I have noticed.

1. The UNDO bug is back. Be careful.

2. MVIEW's still pose problems, especially when working with xref's and drawings that were not created in Intellicad. I have a number of crashes working with mviews/paperspace.

3. MTEXT editor will not allow editing of text over certian number of characters (this popped up in previous release also), see VBA forum for a VBA work around.

4. Dimensions are better, however there is still a lot of work to do on them. The vertical test positioning is still a problem. Would be VERY NICE if the dimension text could be placed anywhere without affecting the dimension lines (I currently have to explode the dimension to move text away from interferences).

5. It appears that drawings with ACAD dimensions cause many crashes (my system anyway). Many crash problems will go away when editing these drawings if the ACAD dim entities are removed.

6. I have experienced crashes inserting files as blocks when trying to save the drawing after the drawing has been inserted. Copying between the same drawings does not produce a crash.

7. Selecting multiple layers, while exploring layers, right clicking and changing the selected layers properties (freeze, thaw, etc.) does not appear to be functioning currently, the layer state is not changed when exiting the explorer. Note this worked in previous versions.

8. Working with xref's in general will cause periodic crashes.

It appears that some things have relapsed to what was happening a few versions ago.

Just passing along what I have experienced. Any other thoughts out there???


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