Unable to RECOVER this drawing

Is it normal for Intellicad to make corrupted files (.dwg and .bak) without possibilities to recover?

Intellicad 8.4 version made corrupted files (.dwg and .bak) sometimes without possibilities to recover. Saving process look like without problem, but I could now just next time, when I open same file.

I had lot of files without possibilities to recover after upgrade to Intellicad 9.0 with settings: save in default format Autocad 2018 and incremental save enabled.
For better result I made some changes in settings: default format Autocad 2013 and incremental save disabled.

When open corrupted file:
1st dialogbox
Error: .dwg file needs recovery.
Unable to open this drawing.
It contains incorrect or corrupt information.
The RECOVER command may be able to extract undamaged information from this drawing.
2nd dialogbox
Error: Object was erased.
Unable to RECOVER this drawing.
It contains incorrect or corrupt information that is too extensive for repair.

Re: Unable to RECOVER this drawing

Do you still have 8.4 installed?
If you do try DFXOUT. I have found that creating a dxf file and the opening that in a new version will often solve an issue. should not be necessary but worth a try.

The next option would be to post a copy of a sample file and I will try on an older version I still have on an old laptop.


Re: Unable to RECOVER this drawing

Thank you for help. I found solution for now - I start again from scratch (put information together from additional files and from hard copy), and I restore some files from backup on external disc also…
That problem happen on Intellicad 9 with default format Acad 2018 and partial saving. I was trying to open with Autodesk DWG TrueView and without success. I was trying with DWG analyze tools and without success.
At first, I think – good to use partial saving. Now – better to use default format as Acad 2013 or 2010 in saving settings.


Re: Unable to RECOVER this drawing

I've similar problem, icad 9.1 hangs during save and file is corrupted
I've also disabled autosave because it corrupted my file.
the file format is setted to "autocad 2004", how to set "partial saving"?
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