Re: Transfer of customiztion from one version to another


It would be nice, but I am not aware of an easy route.
I've been running Intellicad since before 2000 when it was free and every new version has required that I reload ALL of my customisations from scratch.
I've even created a word doc with screen dumps of the 2 profiles I have setup so I can get to where I was after an update.

All of my customisations are in 'mnu' files which I just import, then setup the path structures within the program and finally organise the screen toolbars.

Would be nice to be able to copy files from one directory to another and the system read them in on startup, but not to be atm.


Re: Transfer of customiztion from one version to another

I may have an answer to your original question.

In file explorer navigate to: <C:\Users\ YOUR USERNAME \AppData\Roaming\CMS\IntelliCAD9.0x64>
Here you should find the DEFAULT.CUI file, which is where your changes have been saved. Check that date/time of the file!
Copy & rename this file eg FRED-customisations.CUI and save this in the same folder.

this is an optional test.
Now go back to intellicad and reset you CUI to default.
Close Intellicad.
Re-open Intellicad and use Load Menu to load your newly created CUI file. You may need to change the file type to CUI from CUIX

So far I have found that this will load any drop down menu changes and custom toolbars, though it has lost any reference to my custom bitmaps and does NOT load any saved workspaces.

Let me know how you get on pls.


Re: Transfer of customiztion from one version to another

As you say most of your customisations are with the aliases & F keys try exporting your 'profile' from Intellicad 8.4

Tools>Options>Profiles (select the profile) >export

This should give you a '.arg' file that you should then be able to import using the reverse of above.

Here is an extract from an ARG file i created some time back:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CMS\CMS IntelliCAD 8.2 Premium Edition Plus x64\Profiles\company_name\Aliases\Alias-100]

Please post back if this works :)