Re: Cms Intellicad 12.0 PE Does not print to pdf. Does not print at all!!!!

I had the same problem when I was using a custom visual style in one of my mviews. I found out that if you cant resolve this issue, then the Print Dialog just blows up and posts the same exception. I discovered that with the printDialog function, the exception handler just dumps the exception to the log and does not offer viable suggestions on how to fix the problem.
IMO, on the catch portion of the try statement of the code there should be better exception handling then simply telling the user the function failed. The catch will, or should know, where the exception occurred in the code and perform a rollback of plot settings to the last successful plot performed on the drawing first then next application wide!
Suggest setting all of you visual styles to 2d wireframe and try using a proven print driver like Microsoft Print to PDF (file will be too large, but at least it should work without crashing). I had to go through every one until I found one that worked.
Good luck